Artist Inspired AI Modeling

Humtap has developed proprietary AI and machine learning models to mimic the musical style of virtually any band or artist. These models are capable of generating an infinite volume of new original musical content at a fixed cost. The models take milliseconds to produce a song which would have once taken hours or days to produce using traditional methods.

Humtap’s proprietary blend of music production software, AI technology, and machine learning models can produce anything from short music clips to full songs, both on mobile (iOS) platforms or on the cloud. This new content generation is instantaneous and does not infringe on any copyrights, since the copyright protected material is used only for the training data and is not part of the generation process.

Unique Patented Technology

  • AI Powered Music Information Retrieval
  • AI Powered Music Composition Engine
  • Algorithmic Composition & Music Production
  • Data Analysis