Our Company

Humtap is a startup based in Silicon Valley, CA, that develops an Artificial Intelligence capable of composing and producing music for consumers and businesses alike including video commercials.

We are welcoming new talents and engineers to be part of our mission and journey to democratize music making. While, your role would ideally take place in Silicon Valley, you may also be offered the opportunity to work remotely.


Mobile Audio Developer

Your Role

  • Own & maintain the audio engine
  • Help with composition code integration

Your Skills

  • Real time audio on mobile
  • Swift, C++, Objective C, Python

Bonus for:

  • Experience with algorithmic composition
  • Experience with Tensor Flow
  • Experience with JUCE


To apply or request more information please contact Julien Bloit at

Machine Learning Software Engineer

Your Role

As a Machine Learning Software Engineer, you will be facing a challenging and exciting opportunity to innovate. You can expect to undertake tasks such as optimizing generative processes, extending existing models and developing new training methods, implementing novel deep learning architectures applied to music composition, orchestration and synthesis.

Your work will directly impact the company’s progress towards fulfilling its vision of establishing Humtap as one of the greatest music composers and producers.

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years designing and implementing Deep Neural Networks experience
  • Familiar with at least the original LSTM & WaveNet papers
  • Computer Science bachelor degree
  • Strong interest in music
  • Having participated in research publications

Please email us at with your resume and answers to the below:

  1. Your relevant Github profile, LinkedIn, artist page on SoundCloud or YouTube.
  2. Tell us about your experience designing Deep Neural Networks.
  3. What Deep Learning Architectures are you familiar with? i.e. LSTM networks, Convolutional Networks, etc. and provide references if possible.
  4. What are you musical interests? Have you ever played an instrument, in a band or an orchestra?
  5. Please include any web link(s) and/or relevant description(s) of past projects you have worked on, whether they are related to Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence or not.
  6. What interests you the most about this opportunity?
  7. Which qualities do you believe will help you succeed in this role?

Compensation includes salary and equity.

Thank you for applying!