Watch the short video below to learn more about Humtap.


We started Humtap because we envision a world where everyone can make music to express themselves and unleash their creativity. Everybody loves music, yet many of the most avid listeners don’t know the first thing about making a song. We want people to create beautiful music from any melody or beat they’re inspired with, using nothing more than their voice and their mobile device.

Users only need to hum a melody or tap a beat into their mobile device to instantly create a song in any genre, or in the style of your favorite artist. Advertisers, or anyone, can purchase rights to create and buy songs through Humtap.


Artist Inspired AI Modeling

Humtap has developed proprietary AI and machine learning models to mimic the musical style of virtually any band or artist. These models are capable of generating an infinite volume of new original musical content at a fixed cost in a fraction of the time it usually takes to create music using traditional methods.

Unique Patented Technology

  • AI Powered Music Information Retrieval
  • AI Powered Music Composition Engine
  • Algorithmic Composition & Music Production
  • Data Analysis


How does Humtap AI Create Music?

In the video below you can see the humtap app turn a musical idea into a full song within seconds.