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Humtap is a media technology startup which produces and licenses original music using AI.

Problems We Solve

·       Music speaks to billions of people, but it is mostly out of reach for social media UGC and businesses advertising online.

·       Why? Because, creating original music is costly, time-consuming and requires skills most of us lack.

·       Acquiring others music is even more expensive and can potentially be a legal minefield.

The Humtap Solution

·       Humtap empowers everyone to express themselves by creating beautiful original music on the fly.

·       Consumers, advertisers, artists and creators only need to sing a melody or a beat into their mobile device.

·       Your music is original, instant, copyright free, and can be in any style, whether a genre or inspired by your favorite artist.


·       $300 Billion spent annually on music content across the media and entertainment industry.

·       16 Trillion social media video views last year lacked music as a soundtrack.

·       Music is the number one content on YouTube.

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